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"who’s your favorite character"


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Ellen Page + Notable Filmography
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okay, so stupid question, I really wanna buy the sims 4, but I’m very lazy to go to the store, so I thought I could buy it online, but I have always bought the discs so I’m not so sure, because with the sims 3 I used to uninstall it at some point so I could have more space on my laptop, and then if I felt like playing I would install it again, so if I buy it online can I do this? Like if I wanna uninstall and then install it again later on, is it possible when it’s bought online??

Thank you on advancee!!


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Actors Kaya Scodelario and Dylan O’Brien attend the “Maze Runner” New York City screening hosted by Twentieth Century Fox and Teen Vogue at SVA Theater

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Stop making that face at me! I hate that face!

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Season 4: Outfits: Stiles Stilinski

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A long time ago, she remembered her father saying that when the cold wind blows the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. He had it all backwards. Arya, the lone wolf, still lived, but the wolves of the pack had been taken and slain and skinned.

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Misfits RewatchSeason 1, Episode 2.

I’m not waiting around for Granny Fuck Me to make another appearance.
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